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movisOrder the App for order from
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Customer loyalty and service redefined

movisOrder was developed to optimize order processes. The app complies with the signs of the times and allows customers to manage their orders themselves. At the same time, movisOrder supplements the telephone presale and thus relieves the company of its burden.

The customer can quickly and easily record and trigger orders. Actively intervening and processing even outside the usual order times offers the customer a tremendous amount of flexibility and gives you a head start on the competitor. In addition, targeted advertising can be transmitted to the app and messages exchanged between the sales and the customer.


Enter order

The customer can even record and submit orders from the last order history, or from the current assortment. The order is supported by mail or EDI.


Order History

The customer has his orders in view at all times. From the order history, new orders can be recorded and sent at any time.


Document management

Vouchers from past orders can be viewed by the customer and retrieved by the customer at any time. This also relieves the administrative burden


Messaging system

The app  movisOrder informs the customer about the delivery status of his orders as well as information on all relevant topics. The customer can directly record and transmit messages himself.



Advertising or offers can be sent to the customer in a targeted manner. The customer does not miss any novelties or special offers.


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