movisAbholer  for quick order processing from stock

improved processes save time and paper

Customers who pick up their goods themselves can be processed quickly and easily with movisAbholer.

This saves a lot of time during processing and relieves the office staff. The delivery documents are created and printed directly by movisAbholer Delivered empties can be retrieved directly on the truck.

Fast processing of orders

Orders by the self-collector will be sent to movisAbholerimmediately after collection. Thus, goods can be provided in a timely manner. By supporting the scanner, the goods can be collected quickly. The document printing is done on A4 network printers directly in the warehouse,

Optimized warehouse processes

The collection of empties is also carried out directly at movisAbholer. With cash payers movisAbholer calculates the deposit price. As a result, the process is optimized for pickup and additional registration by the office staff is eliminated. Even returned goods can be directly recorded and processed.


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