Hardware und Systeme für Mowis®

The mobile merchandise management for the delivery service is versatile and flexible. We offer the right solution for every requirement.

For Windows Systems.

The mobile delivery service Mowis® supports the operating systems Windows 10, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone and Windows CE. These operating systems are mostly run on industry standard devices.
These systems convince in their daily use by their reliability and longevity. Also advantageous are devices with integrated printer as so-called all in one solution.

For Android Systems.

The mobile delivery service supports the Android operating system. This makes it possible to operate Mowis® on high-performance systems. The device selection is very diverse. From low-cost systems, special rugget devices to tablets. This opens up a wide range of applications at a good price-performance ratio.


Mowis support a large number of modern devices with the Android operating system.

All in two solution

Mowis® can be used on all Windows Mobile devices. These include Windows mobile or Windows 10 systems.

Windows and Android Tablet

Mowis® supports Windows 10 and Android tablet with support  for external devices. This can be printer or scanner.


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