Data communication and connection of Mowis®.

can be connected to almost any ERP system through various technology solutions.
Classic interfaces, SQL or EDI and XML formats are supported.

The data exchange is fast and flexible via FTP. This grants almost unlimited possibilities for all company sizes.

Involvement of Mowis®

Mowis® can be connected to almost every ERP system. The number of partners is constantly growing. The connection will be simplified by movisConnect. This supports all modern ERP systems based on a relational database, such as SQL or Oracle, work. Similarly, EDI and XML can be used for data exchange.

If this is not possible, interfaces in ASCII or CSV format are supported.

The connection to SAP has also been successfully implemented in many projects. Movis Mobile Vision GmbH works together with experienced cooperation partners to realize this 

Data communication.

Mowis® communicates without limits. Whether as an offline or online solution. Both are possible due to its architecture. Mowis fits seamlessly into your IT infrastructure. Mowis® supports the connection via FTP with WLAN, Ethernet or via Mobilefunk.

There is no cloud solution required. The IT infrastructure remains in your hands. For fail-safety Mowis® supports a redundant FTP infrastructure.

The data volumes to be transmitted were deliberately kept low. This optimizes the transition time and the bandwidth.


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